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My name is Matt, if you didn't already know. I am a Graphic Designer who enjoys anything and everything in the realms of technology and creativity. And my passions don't just end there. I'm constantly looking at trends, new releases, updates and advances in technology to aid my creativity, and fuel my designs.

Most people will read that and assume it's made up to make me sound good - but in my defence, I am a nerd and I love it! I love a good movie, I rave about it when it's excellent, you'll know if a film gets the Mattflix approval! I'm a light casual gamer also, playing a game frees me from stress.


Branding has to be the most  difficult and time consuming part of design, but it is one of those tasks that is satisfying when completed. I have done a couple branding projects in my time, most recently for a company called "Regent Street Advisers", which you can view here.

Animation & 3D Rendering

Whilst working for First Class Design, I have done dozens of animation and 3D rendering projects, demonstrating products and systems for clients. I have used a combination of Blender & Sketch-Up, with After Effects & Premiere Pro to create a product demo video.

You can see these here.


As creativity goes, I cannot work in a cluttered environment. Before I begin any project, I make sure my desk area is free from unneeded stuff and previous project work is filed away. This includes my digital workspace, I make sure my files are clean and organised (especially Photoshop and After Effects). and all folders are nicely packaged.

I believe this to be a key skill for any creative professional.


I've tried to cover my preferred and most experienced areas above, however the list does go on. So, if you're interested in finding out if I can do what you require, don't hesitate to contact me! I don't bite, honest!

What I Do

I do a lot of stuff, as my family will know. My skills spread across a number of different creative media areas, from video editing/filming to designing and building a complex digital 3D model for product prototype demonstration to the consumer.

The main areas I love to work in are web design and video editing, although love a bit of 3D and pretty much everything else.

Print Design

I can effectively design for printed material on pretty much anything, and give it my best shot at communicating the message to the intended target audition that the publication is for. Whether that be a leaflet, letterhead, business card, brochure or magazine, I put all my skills into practice to produce something a client would be happy with.

Web, app & UI/UX

My vast skills and knowledge in this department have enabled me to create various concepts for apps, websites and develop unique ways of improving the user experience. My most recent UI/UX project is a media streaming service called vStream Media, updated from the 2014 concept. Learn more here.

Websites are my key area of work, however. I am always on with some kind of web project. The most recent one has been Automize ltd. done on behalf of First Class Design. You can see some of my web projects here.

Video Editing & Shooting

I have always had a huge passion for the filming industry, how videos are edited and recorded, their techniques and post-production process. So, in my spare time and to experiment, I shoot short videos and edit them, and for the people that know will also know about the huge collection of gaming related videos I record and edit too.

vStream Media 2016

vStream Media is a concept music, movies and TV streaming service originally created in 2014.

Now however, that design feels a bit dated so I have taken the opportunity to rethink and redesign the app concept.


View Project

Planet Sears Branding

This project was created for a friend of mine who is an artist. She wanted a brand to reflect her personality, to which I delivered. Check out her social media:


View Project

Nexus-Property Web & Branding

The Art & Design Anthology: Old & New book cover concept,
and publishing company brand. A project done as part of a college brief.



An experimental project into the world of typography,
producing a DPS for Doc Martens. This project was done as part of a college brief.


I try to keep on top of Folio, update every so often with new projects, but sometimes it can get slightly behind. For all my latest design work, make sure to check Vault.Design

Gaming Videos

My Work

Here are a collection of a few projects that I have done as part of college, in my spare time and as part of First Class Design.


Nexus-Property Logo & Branding

Created in behalf of First Class Design, I was tasked to design a logo and brand for a sub-company, Nexus-Property (along with a website).

This project contains the approved logo design, combined with conceptual branding.

View Project


Regent Street Advisers Conceptual Branding

I was set the task of creating a logo and brand identity for "Regent Street Advisers", an umbrella company for Aquila FS & Nexus-Property.

*Conceptual work only. Not approved*

View Project


For any enquires regarding VN or anything I do, feel free to fill out this form and I'll respond as soon as I can. Be sure to include any social media links that you are comfortable sharing with me(optional), that way I can communicate with you on a more friendly basis.

Alternatively, you can email me: matt@vaultnetwork.co.uk

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